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Dave and Debbie have been serving with MGF since 1991, when they arrived in Tijuana, Mexico, and continued with an effective film and evangelism ministry that Bruce and Nina Wakelin had started years earlier. In 2001, Dave & Debbie were divinely led to reach Mixteco Indians in Tijuana. This people group had migrated from southern Mexico looking for work and a better life. Although it wasn't their purpose, in the beginning, to establish a church, the need soon became clear, and they are excited that, after meeting in 2 different temporary locations, the Lord has provided for the purchase of a property for a permanent meeting place. They are praying that the Lord will guide and provide for the construction of the new permanent church building. It has been exciting to see the people of the church become very involved in the ministry. It is the desire of the church to reach their community for Christ, and minister to the many poor and needy through love and God's Word. The church is located in the colonia named "Pedregal de Santa Julia".
Ministry Church Planting
Location Tijuana
Ministry Verse For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11
Ministry Description Here are some marvelous things the Lord is doing here in our little church in Tijuana: *2 of our young ladies graduated from Jr. High this year *We are preparing for a house to be built on the church property in August. *Attendance has been very strong with about 70 people on Sundays and 50 on Wednesdays. *I began a class of basic doctrine and ministry in order to begin to prepare the people to evangelize and disciple on their own both in our own area and on future missions trips.

Prayer Requests & Praises
November 5, 2014
We have 2 grave situations we need prayer for today. The first is for a young mother, named Isabel, who attends our church from time to time, and who is in danger of losing her leg. Dave took her to the hospital yesterday. She has epilepsy and during one of her attacks 2 weeks ago she was alone, and fell into the cooking fire and burnt her leg with 3rd degree burns. Her leg was sitting on the fire for at least several minutes. Dave took her and her husband to the hospital back then and she has been having treatments. Yesterday the doctor said she has a fever, a terrible infection, and might lose her leg or worse. We would appreciate prayer for her. (Her name is Isabel.) Today, Sunday Nov. 2, as an update to this, Isabel is still in the hospital, and the doctors are doing everything they can to save her leg, including skin grafts. Please continue to pray for her and a spiritual awakening in her life, and the large extended family she belongs to. Our 2nd request has to do with our breakfast ministry on Saturday. As you may already know, about one month ago we had an incident with a man carrying a machete, trying to attack the children on their way home from the church breakfast. Since then the children have been slowly coming back and we are back to 55-60 coming. On October 18, the same man sent his wife to throw large rocks (the size of grapefruits) at our gates and at the children. Now she has just threatened to kill the kids and also to kill Lucy who lives on the church property. We are on high alert and need great wisdom on how to handle this. The reason she threatens us is because we (and others) called the police when her husband tried to attack with the machete. Unfortunately, here in Mexico a simple bribe will get you right out of jail, which was the case with him; so, further involvement with the police doesn't seem the best route at this time. We are praying for God to help us know what to do. We have not ruled out going to the police station to talk to them about the situation but do not have peace about doing that at this point. We mainly feel the great need for prayer for this spiritual battle. Both the man (50 to 60 years old) and his wife are on drugs and not in their right minds so there is no talking to them. Please pray that they will leave the children and the family living on the church property alone, and also that the children will not hear the foul words they are called. It really hurts the children to be so hated and for no reason. We truly believe this is God's battle and He will fight it. Thank you for joining the battle through prayer! Debbie p.s On a wonderful note of encouragment and blessings, 6 of the children, a teen and an adult were baptized on Sunday October 19! Many of their testimonies, even the children's, were very touching, and encourages us that yes, it is absolutely all worth it. Thank you for your very coveted prayers. Please send any email corrections or changes to me, as I rebuild our list. In HIS arms of mercy and protection, Dave & Debbie
~David Tazelaar
Nov 5, 2014
The Tazelaars in Mexico
Dear friends, Summer is an opportune time to minister to the children who are on summer break. We organized many outreaches and have been amazed at the turnouts! We have new children coming faithfully as a result. Please pray for them as they learn about the Lord. Youth Camp Five of our older youth had the amazing opportunity to attend a week-long youth camp in Ensenada in July where some 500 teens attended. The purpose of the camp was to equip the teens to impact their community with God’s love. Our youth came back re-charged and more determined than ever to follow the Lord with their whole heart. This younger generation is making an impact in the church and the future is bright! In January, we plan to take the youth on their first mission trip to Southern Baja. This wil be a huge step of faith for the teens. We are seeking God’s direction as we make all the plans. We hope to raise funds for this trip and ask your prayers for God’s provision and guidance. Please also pray for the teens’ continual spiritual growth. The children in the church will soon be heading back to school, and we are busy helping some of the needy families with uniforms, shoes, etc. This year we will have four new students (from two different families) who will be receiving help. We will have a total of 15 students who we will be helping throughout the school year. We would ask you to pray especially for them as they come from difficult homes. Bumps Along the Way So many wonderful things have been happening, however as you can imagine, there have been bumps along the way. The latest “bump” happened last Sunday during the church service when a vehicle ran into our parked car causing damage to the door, door handle, and window. The car or bus that hit it didn’t stop. The time, energy, and cost of fixing our car is an added burden at this time. Please continue to pray for protection at the church for everyone, including the vehicles. Upcoming Events In September we have plans for a Mexican Independence Day outreach to the community. Please pray for many to come and hear of God’s love for them. The teens will be helping to organize and lead this outreach. We will have an outreach to the children later in the Fall and hope to have 70-80 come out. We have been having 60+ lately at the breakfast program. Thank you for all your prayers and love. We appreciate each and every one of you! Dave & Debbie Tazelaar PO Box 120159 Chula Vista, CA 91912 Phone: 619-819-2984 Missionary Gospel Fellowship PO Box 1535 Turlock, CA 95381 Phone: 209-634-8575 Our account: “Tijuana Ministry”
~David Tazelaar
Aug 28, 2014
Prayer Request
Tonight we will have the final night of vacation bible school. Approximately 70 children have been coming each night since Monday night. We are praying that many parents come tonight, and that many children and their parents receive the Lord as their Savior. We thank the Lord that He placed the VBS ministry at our church on the heart of a small Spanish speaking church in San Diego. They have been sending 20 workers each night to teach the VBS. The sacrifice of these folks is amazing. Some of them have been getting off work in San Diego in the afternoon, driving across the border to our church, leading the VBS which has begun at 6:30, and then returning to San Diego, arriving between 12 and 1 a.m. in the morning, then waking up later to go to work. The pastor of their church will be giving an evangelistic message to the parents and children tonight. We have been so excited that the house for the caretakers was built, being finished at noon on Monday. That same night, we put the house to use for 2 classes for the VBS, while the cement (stucco) on the outside was still drying. How we thank the wonderful group from Idaho, 9 in all, who poured their heart and funds into this project, and worked tirelessly until the structure was finished. Some of the folks from our church worked along with them, and the fellowship was such a blessing for our church. Words cannot express our gratitude for the work of the group, and for all of you who gave generously so that we could have this house.
~Dave Tazelaar
Aug 27, 2011
Update for Prayer
We both want you to be praising the Lord with us for the wonderful things God is doing here in our little colonia in Tijuana. There is no doubt that it is all due directly to your fervent prayers and your hearts desire to reach out to this wonderful group of people. 1. We are so thankful for 2 of our young ladies, Lucero and Monica, who graduated from Jr. High school this year. 2. Today, as I write this, about 25 people are over at the church, leveling the land, and building a retaining wall in preparation for the house on the church property that will be built in August by a group of dear believers coming from Idaho. 3. The attendance in our services has been very strong, with around 70 attending on Sundays, and about 50 on Wednesdays. 4. About a month ago I began a class of basic doctrine and ministry, in order to begin to prepare the people to evangelize and disciple on their own, both in our area, and hopefully also on future missions trips. 5. While we have been able to provide transportation to and from the church in our little pickup and car, we are seeing the need for a larger vehicle to be able to take small groups on retreats and mission trips. 6. We thank you all so much for your financial support for our ministry, that makes it possible for Debbie and I to continue serving as missionaries to help establish this church in this needy corner of Tijuana.
~Dave & Debbie Tazelaar
Jul 23, 2011

Dave & Debbie Tazelaar
Church Planting
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