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I have had many trials in my life since I have become a Christian. From the time GOD called us to missions, we have been bombarded with trials. It seems that for every step forward we take, the world tries to knock us back two steps. For a long time we could not see any growth. We were trying to stay afloat. Doors were closed, and it did not seem they are going to open. It was barely noticeable, but we were losing that fire for doing GOD's work. Then these verses came to me, and I realized that it is not about how fast things happen or where I want to work. It is about what GOD wants us to do. My whole attitude of working with the addicted changed. Since then, GOD has started to open up some doors for us. GOD has given us an opportunity here in Mariposa to help many come to know Him as their Lord and Savior. We are working daily with the lost men and women that are still in their addiction of drugs and alcohol. Even though it seems that we are not having any impact, we look back and can see that GOD has been there each and every step of the way. Please pray that GOD will continue to open doors to the teens, as well as the adults, lost in their addiction.
Ministry Teaching and Training
Location Mariposa, CA
Ministry Verse "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience." James 1:2-3
Ministry Description I just wanted to take a moment and talk about the thousands of children that are destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol. They get caught up believing that this is the way that life is and they learn nothing else. They go from Juvenile Hall to jail then prison and finally death. Not only does this destroy their life but the lives of their children also. It becomes a vicious cycle from generation to generation. I believe in my heart that God has called me to take the gospel to our children and to the men in prisons. Pray that God will open their hearts to the truth and save them.

Teaching and Training

Heritage House and C.O.R.E. (Community Outreach Re-entry) serve those who have recently been released from the county jail and help them work through issues that will better enable them to re-enter normal society and be a blessing to the community at large. C.O.R.E. receives public funding while Heritage House is a non-profit which receives only private donations. The two organizations serve in a common building with an adjoining door. People can go to the C.O.R.E. side and complete their required training and then walk through the door to the non-profit side of the building where they can be encouraged by staff that help them with their spiritual needs, and grow in the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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December 19th, 2012

June 13, 2017
Please pray for my mom Lou She is in the hospital with an infection and it's affecting every part of her body. I'm sorry but I have no updates on Dakota. I have not heard from my niece. I've been at the hospital with my mom. Jerry Johnson
~Jerry Johnson

June 6, 2017
A little boy we know has to be life flighted. He shot himself, and he's on life support. Forward this to everyone you can please! It's really appreciated. Barbara Johnson
~Jerry Johnson

January 20, 2017
I just received the most amazing news today. We are going to be grandparents. Yahoo! ~~Barbara
~Jerry Johnson

January 19, 2016
 Greetings family from Jerry and Barbara Johnson, We want to praise God that he has helped to get our Transitional home opened for those caught in addiction. Please pray that God will use our home and us to help men come to Jesus and learn to be the husband and father God meant them to be. Please pray for our financial needs. Please pray for strength to keep moving forward in His work.
~Jerry Johnson

Update for March 12, 2015
For the last eight years God has put it on our hearts to open a transitional home. This home will be for the men and women who have been to change their lives, from drug and alcohol addiction to the new man or woman in Christ. For years it has only been a dream but in the last six months God has opened the doors to turn it into reality. We now have the property with a three-bedroom house ready to be used. We have been working with the county taking care of all the legalities and some of the drug and alcohol rehabs in California to see how we could best serve their graduates. Going from a structured rehab were most of their day is planned and they are held accountable for their actions and behavior. To either back on the streets or back to their families where they have no real accountability is overwhelming for most. Our goal is to help to make the transformation back into society and back to their families as successful as possible. Helping them to have a solid foundation in Jesus Christ, and become the person God has designed them to be. Please pray that God will open the doors needed, and that we will stay strong in the work that God has given us to do. Sincerely Jerry and Barbara Johnson
~Jerry Johnson

Prayer Request
Pray that we meet the needs of those needing to know that the Lord loves and cares for them.
~Jerry Johnson

Jerry & Barbara Johnson
Mariposa, CA
Teaching and Training
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